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tate_violet's Journal

Tate & Violet Fans
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Welcome to Tate & Violet Fans, a livejournal community for the American Horror Story pairing of Tate Langdon & Violet Harmon. Here is where you can find graphics, fanfiction, weekly episode discussions, show news, photos, scans, and much more! We also share the latest videos, images, and news on the talented actors that portray them, Evan Peters & Taissa Farmiga. This comm is Members Only so you must join in order to enjoy all of its benefits!
We only have a few rules around here! First, all entries must be marked as members only and tagged. Secondly, Please do not bash the characters, actors, or other members! If you have a problem, just contact a mod. Anything about future episodes/seasons must be marked as a spoiler & put behind a cut. All graphics/fanvids/fanfics are welcome! We just ask they go behind a cut and that when fanfic is posted you put a rating with it. If you have any problems, let a mod know or leave a comment in the welcome post!
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